She is responsible of giving you the most wonderful and unforgettable culinary experience of your life. Her long career on science and technology of food has allowed this kitchen juggler to create new recipes that will make your senses to bask in delight.

Since 2005, following a diet change, Agnès started her magic with vegetables. Her small kitchen has been witness of many innovative recipes that have fresh and delicious veggies as a main ingredient.

"I'm a dedicated, passionate and creative professional looking for new culinary experiences."



He had a dream: to create his own brand. Cares and pampers the brand as if it was his child. Jammy Yummy lets him express his thinking and show his knowledge of Marketing and Business acquired in recent years.

Marketing Specialist, after years of experience in different companies and markets he decides to begin this veggie way, encouraged by one word: Yummy.

"I am simple and complex at the same time. I believe on the language of empathy as a brand."