Our jams were invited to more events than us


The expected beginning of our story would be for Jammy Yummy to originate from a long family tradition of Jam creations, but is not the case.

Our story began with a simple dinner at home. It was my husband's birthday and it was my mission to prepare the celebration dinner for our group of friends. As I was thinking of the regular appetizer, main course and dessert menu I was already bored. I wanted to innovate!

Suddenly, I remembered my mum's Brie Cheese with tomato jam. (Yes! I know I said Jammy Yummy did not come from a family tradition… she gave me the recipe by phone). It was the best jam I have ever tasted. Do you know how it feels when your senses bask in delight?

After a week of experimenting different recipes, six Jams were created. My final menu was: Brie cheese with Tomato jam, Hamburger sliders with Caramelized onion jam, Bratwurst with Carrot jam, Crackers with goat cheese and Red pepper jam, Nachos with Jalapeño jam; and Mini beef medallions with Baby Portobello jam. It was such a success that two words came into fashion after that night YUMMY YUMMY.

We started to take our jams to every eating party we were invited. From our experience, bringing wine is out of fashion.

YUMMY YUMMY started going hand in hand paired to the question "Where can we buy them?"

Our jams were suddenly invited to more events that we were. So we thought… lets start our own business!

As we were doing our own little private tasting at our favorite restaurant in Miami the Chef noticed and asked about the jams. He tried them and just like that we had our first order. That same night, YUMMY YUMMY became JAMMY YUMMY!