Founded by Agn├Ęs and David, Jammy Yummy is the first U.S. Company specialized in vegetables jams.

After several months of research and development, Jammy Yummy begins its wanderings in 2014. We now can celebrate our successful results. Jams with unique flavors, all natural (with no additives, thickeners or preservatives), a perfect balance between sweet and salty and with a fine texture, all originated by an artisan and innovating process of cooking.

Fresh vegetables, from the orchard, and a slow and distinct cooking takes Jammy Yummy to be a must in any kitchen. Featuring gourmet or simple meals, salted or sweet appetizers, breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner... With a dollop of Jammy Yummy, you will always get an excellent results, quality, and an innovative touch and unforgettable dining experience.