Homemade jams made with local and fresh vegetables


Jammy Yummy is a gourmet brand of veggie jams. Jammy Yummy is the result of an intensive search to find a new veggie experience.

Have you ever tried a fillet mignon with Baby Portobello Jam? Or, Brie cheese with Tomato Jam? If you are not a big fan of vegetables, this is your moment!

We encourage you to try and enjoy a new style of eating that will make your meals look complete and taste wonderful. Relax and allow your senses to bask in delight. 


Discover a Day In The Life of Jammy Yummy

Products & Pairings

Are you ready for a real gourmet experience? Check out our 6 flavors and discover all their pairings possibilities. 


How to make your food look good and taste delicious with just a dollop of jam? Surprise your guests with these wonderful recipes!